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    Armteck Construction is readily capable to provide the labor, supervision, equipment and materials that are required to complete demolition jobs safely, efficiently and with high quality. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and also a Class “A” demolition contractor for the City of New York. This qualifies us to handle any size demolition project ranging from multi-level commercial and industrial buildings to single family homes.


    We employ a group of operators, laborers and truck drivers who take pride in the work that they do on behalf of our customers. These employees have extensive experience in the demolition industry and are focused on providing quality work on time, within budget and in a safe and thorough manner.


    Before demolition begins, Armteck Construction . works with a number of contacts to ensure each demolition project runs safely and without interruption. We have established great working partnerships which help us to mobilize quickly and handle a project effectively. We work with municipalities to secure the required permits, the utility companies to ensure that gas, electric and water disconnections have been performed and subcontractors to handle asbestos remediation and rodent control.


    We have managed many commercial and industrial demolition projects including manufacturing facilities, retail operations, and mixed-use commercial buildings. In some cases, projects like these may require more intricate partial demolition and we have that expertise. Industrial projects also often involve environmental remediation of hazardous substances that were part of an industrial process. We are experienced in working on these types of projects and work with a network of subcontractors as needed to help us with remediation.


    We have demolished thousands of single family and multi-unit residential buildings in In New York Boros. These buildings range from single to multi-story residences made of brick, stone or wood frame. We demolish these buildings taking care to protect neighboring residences. Demolition debris is separated on site so that materials can be salvaged and recycled. We clear the job site completely by hauling all debris to recycling and dump facilities. Finally, any holes on the site are filled with stone or dirt and leveled so that the site is safe and ready for development in the future.


    Armteck Construction is dedicated to the protection of our job sites and our employees. Before a project is started, the job site is reviewed for potential safety hazards and a plan to deal with these hazards is developed and then carried out. Job site safety measures such as fencing, dust control procedures, equipment operation and maintenance and proper work clothing are implemented on each job. Every employee of Armteck Construction has the responsibility to work safely on the job. Constant awareness of safety hazards and compliance with company safety rules are considered conditions of employment.


    recycles or salvages non-hazardous, non-contaminated demolition debris that is collected on the job site, which may include:

    • Bricks, concrete, rock and other masonry materials
    • Wood, plaster and drywall
    • Scrap metal
    • Plumbing fixtures and piping
    • Non-asbestos insulation
    • Roofing shingles and roofing materials
    • Reclaimed asphalt pavement
    • Glass
    • Landscape waste

    We keep track of demolition debris that is generated on our job sites. We work with many reputable recycling service providers to ensure that the materials are recycled or disposed of properly. We strive to exceed the Department of Public Health’s guideline to recycle at least 50% of the recyclable debris that is generated from demolition projects.

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